WinApp is a Windows program that loads your PHP Live! operator console inside a Windows application. You must have a PHP Live! system already installed and fully functioning to use WinApp.
Key Features
  • No installation required. Simply launch the application.
  • Chromium based application.
  • WinApp (Chromium) is compatible with all PHP Live! versions.
Getting started with WinApp (Chromium)
  1. Click the Download button to download the WinApp zip file.
  2. Unzip the file to produce the WinApp/ folder.
  3. Access the WinApp/ folder and double click the WinApp.exe to launch.
If you see a message similar to "unrecognized app" Windows alert when launching the WinApp.exe, click the "More info" and continue to "Run anway". Because the WinApp (Chromium) is still considered new, there may be an "unrecognized" message.
The recommended method to send the WinApp to your chat operators:
The initial setup of WinApp requires you to provide your PHP Live! URL in a config file. You only need to provide the PHP Live! URL once. If the WinApp loads your PHP Live! system correctly, you can zip the entire WinApp directory and send it to your operators. The new zipped file will contain your updated PHP Live! URL. When your operators launch the WinApp.exe, it will automatically load the PHP Live! URL.
To upgrade WinApp:
  1. Download the new WinApp version
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to produce the WinApp/ folder containing the new files
  3. Copy all the files and directories that are inside the new WinApp/ folder and paste them into your existing WinApp/ folder (you are essentially updating the old files to the new files)
  4. Done!
To view the WinApp version, access the WinApp menu "View".