Voice & Video Chat

During a chat session, request voice or video chat with the visitor. There is no middleware, meaning the voice and video chat data is transmitted directly from browser to browser, providing a secure and private voice chat communication. However, for situations connection may not be availble, there is an option to provide TURN values.
Voice Chat Benefits
  • Text and voice/video chat at the same time to increase customer service efficiency.
  • Exchange sensitive information that will not be stored to the database.
  • Voice chat using just a web browser with mic enabled.
  • Voice and video chat is not available on the operator Mobile App. It is a feature that needs to be utilized on the desktop operator console. However, the operator on a desktop computer can send a voice chat request to a visitor browsing on a mobile device.
How-to Enable Voice & Video Chat
You will need to enable Voice Chat ability for each operator (it is off by default) at the PHP Live! Setup Admin area.
Setup Admin > Operators
Edit an operator and set their "Voice Chats" setting to "On".
After the voice chat has been enabled, the voice chat icon will display on the "Visitor Info" tab on the operator console during a chat session.
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