Voice & Video Chat

Voice/Video Chat addon is available for Enterprise Download and On Demand clients only.
During a chat session, request voice or video chat with the visitor. There is no middleware, meaning the voice and video chat data is transmitted directly from browser to browser, providing a secure and private voice chat communication. However, for situations connection may not be availble, there is an option to provide TURN values.
Voice Chat Benefits
  • Text and voice/video chat at the same time to increase customer service efficiency.
  • Exchange sensitive information that will not be stored to the database.
  • Voice chat using just a web browser and mic enabled.
You will need to enable Voice Chat ability for each operator (off by default) at the PHP Live! Setup Admin area.
Setup Admin > Operators
If the operator has voice chat enabled for their account AND if the visitor has voice chat capabilities (modern browser and is on a desktop computer), the voice chat icon will display on the "Visitor Info" tab on the operator console.