Software Support

  • When the chat session ends, visitors can leave a comment. Where can I view the comments?
  • How can I upload files or how do I enable file upload for visitors and operators?
  • Is software support available? If so, for how long?
  • What areas of the software is translated?
  • Can I provide a live chat service to my clients with my purchased copy of PHP Live!?
  • Can I change the PHP Live! logo so that it matches my website?
  • Can I use PHP Live! on my iPhone or other mobile devices?
  • What are the server specs for the Download Solution?
  • Does PHP Live! use any type of PHP framework?
  • I'm a developer and want to know if I can use PHP Live! on all of my client's websites?
  • Will the On Demand accounts receive free upgrades and support?
  • Does PHP Live! include spell check?
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    Re: Ability to sort departments Feb 9, 2020 Hi, Ability to sort the department selection is now available with v....
    Re: Option to automatically mail the transcript to the customer after closing the chat Feb 9, 2020 Hi, Automatic email chat transcript to the visitor is now available w...
    Re: PHP Live! upcoming changes and roadmap Jan 28, 2020 Nice to see this in action!!!! very useful
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    PHP Live! upcoming changes and roadmap Jan 27, 2020 Hi, In the very near future, there will be a version roadmap with set...
    Minor update to v. Jan 24, 2020 Hi, When a visitor or the operator ends the chat, the chat ends with ...
    WinApp potential JavaScript error loop - fixed Jan 23, 2020 Hi, Upon initial loading of WinApp operator console, there is no erro...
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