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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I upload files or how do I enable file upload for visitors and operators?
  • I'm a developer and want to know if I can use PHP Live! on all of my client's websites?
  • Is software support available? If so, for how long?
  • When the chat session ends, visitors can leave a comment. Where can I view the comments?
  • Can I change the PHP Live! logo so that it matches my website?
  • Does PHP Live! use any type of PHP framework?
  • What are the server specs for the Self-Hosted Solution?
  • What areas of the software is translated?
  • Does PHP Live! include spell check?
  • Cookies set by the PHP Live! system for the visitor chat area
  • Will the On Demand accounts receive free upgrades and support?
  • Can I deploy PHP Live! on multiple websites I own and operate?
  • How do I login to the PHP Live! system? My login information is not working.
  • Is the Download solution a complete standalone system with all data on my server?
  • Is there a trial version I can download and install on my server?
  • Is there a reseller plan or a reseller discount?
  • Can I remove the PHP Live! link back from the visitor chat window?
  • Is PHP Live! compatible with PHP 7?
  • Is PHP Live! GDPR ready?
  • Can I provide a live chat service to my clients with my purchased copy of PHP Live!?
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    Hi, For those that have upgraded your PHP Live! system to v.4.8 or gr...
    Apr 12, 2021
    PHP Live! v.4.8.7 Setup Admin Interface Update
    Hi, There has been reports the v.4.8.7 menu items are difficult to re...
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    Lock Down PHP Live! Operator to IP Addresses
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    Mar 25, 2021
    Re: Request for feature implementation
    Hi, A reply has been sent to your original email that was sent previo...
    Mar 9, 2021
    Request for feature implementation
    Good Morning, I'm writing on behalf of Nextip, an Italian company work...
    Mar 9, 2021
    Re: Adding CAS Authentication
    Thanks. Contacted them via email. This case can be closed or archived.
    Feb 23, 2021
    Re: Adding CAS Authentication
    Hi, It is been quite some time since reviewing your CAS modifications...
    Feb 23, 2021
    Adding CAS Authentication
    Just upgraded from 4.4.x (I know I know) to the latest and greatest. I...
    Feb 23, 2021
    v.4.8.5 build 3
    Hi, For those that have already upgraded your system to v.4.8.5, as o...
    Feb 14, 2021
    Re: Chat Request Timelines
    Hi, Make sure your system is the latest version, v.4.8.4. The latest...
    Feb 9, 2021
    Chat Request Timelines
    We noticed that the chat request timelines in the reporting section se...
    Feb 9, 2021
    Re: custom field pre chat form order
    Thanksssss Gabriel
    Jan 29, 2021
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