The live chat software is installed on your server, accessed from your domain, powered by PHP and MySQL. No monthly fees.

Download Advantages
  • Installs on your server and domain
  • Non-encrypted PHP source code
  • One time purchase, own the software
  • All data stored on your server
  • Powered by PHP and MySQL
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Unlimited operators and departments
Server Requirements
  • Server OS
  • UNIX, Mac or Windows
  • Web Server
  • Any web server with PHP and MySQL enabled
  • PHP
  • PHP >= 5.4 or PHP7+
  • Database
  • MySQL >= 4.1 or MariaDB
On Demand

Signup, setup and go online in just few minutes. The fastest way to enable live chat for your website. A server is not required.

On Demand Advantages
  • Option to migrate existing trial account
  • Simply signup, setup and go ONLINE!
  • Server is not required
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • SSL (https) secure chats
  • 99.9% system uptime
  • Unlimited departments
$9 /month
Our clients are saying:
"That's all for today, except to say that we LOVE your program. We use it every workday, and our students think it's great."
"Nice chatting with you, keep up the good work."
"Nate was incredibly intelligent about the software, and helped walk me through the issue I was having with ease. Highly recommend!"
"You guys are awesome and product kicks butt!!"
"Good job! many thanks."