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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many operators can be online at the same time?
The number of operators signify the total operator accounts that can be created AND the total operators that can be online at the same time. For example, On Demand Duet would allow creation of 2 operator accounts with max 2 operators online at the same time.
Q: How many chat sessions are included?
Unlimited. All On Demand packages includes unlimited chat sessions.
Q: Can my free trial account be migrated to the On Demand?
Yes. The option to migrate your non-expired free trial account is available at the client area after an On Demand purchase has been completed.
Q: Can I cancel anytime without penalty?
Yes. Cancellation can be done at anytime. But please keep in mind, the unused service duration fee can only be refunded if the unused service duration is greater then 15 days.
Q: How much savings is the yearly plan?
The yearly plan is 15% savings compared to the monthly billing.
Q: Which features are included?
All the features are included for all On Demand packages. The number of operators are the only difference between the packages.
Q: What is the pricing if I need more then 8 operators?
For those requiring more then 8 operators, each additional operator account is $8 /month.
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