Mobile App Integration

Chat with your website visitors from your mobile device.

PHP Live! integrates with Slack™ app for push notification delivery, available for both Android and iOS. For those utilizing the proprietary PHP Live! mobile app, please follow the steps detailed in the how-to videos to configure your PHP Live! system with Slack™ app.
Does the chat session and the chat data transmission happen at Slack™ app or PHP Live! system?
Answer: When the operator clicks the "Open Console" button on the Slack™ app, it loads the PHP Live! system and everything from that point on is processed by the PHP Live! system. Only the push notification message is processed by a third-party Slack™.
Can I use Discord™ rather then Slack™?
Answer: Yes. Simply provide the Discord™ webhook URL rather then the Slack™ webhook URL. The reason Slack™ is preferred is because their push notification seems to be much more reliable in delivery.