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Live QA Addon
Live QA does not replace the chat system. It is another method of communication available to your website visitors. Visitor asks a question, operator sends a response. No pre-chat form and no chat routing process.
Visitor asks a question.
Operator sends a response.
How it works:
1. When a department is online, the Live QA icon is displayed on your webpage.
2. The visitor asks a question. There is no pre-chat form or other information required from the visitor.
3. All operators set to receive Live QA alerts will receive the visitor question (simultaneous display).
4. Operators can choose to send a response or have the question timeout after 3 minutes.
5. Visitor receives all responses sent by the operators. The visitor can choose to ask another question.
Live QA addon can be access at: Setup Admin > Extras > Live QA
Live QA addon is available to Enterprise Download and On Demand clients only.