Live QA Addon

Visitor Asks A Question
Operator Sends A Response
Customize The Text
"Have a question?" "Anything we can assist you with?" "Just ask if you have a question." Every text can be customized.
Assign Operators
Questions can be sent to all department online operators or to selected few operators.
Simultaneous Alert
The Live QA operators will see the question at the same time. Every operator has a chance to respond to the question.
Multiple Responses
If multiple operators respond to the question, the visitor will see multiple resonses. More of similar responses is a good confirmation indicator.
The visitor will receive a response or the request will timeout within 3 minutes. There is no extended waiting.
Option To Chat
If the visitor requires more information, they can request live chat with the operator that sent the response.
Live QA does not replace the live chat window. Live QA is another method of communication available for your website visitors. No pre-chat form and no chat routing process. The visitor simply asks a question, operator sends a response.

How It Works

  1. Enable Live QA at the Setup Admin > Extras > Live QA area.
  2. When a department is online, the Live QA icon will be visible on your webpage.
  3. The visitor asks a question from the Live QA window. There is no pre-chat form or other information required from the visitor.
  4. All operators set to receive Live QA questions will see the visitor question on their operator console (simultaneous display).
  5. Operators can choose to send a response or take no action and have the question timeout after 3 minutes.
  6. Visitor receives all responses sent by all operators whom have responded. The visitor may see multiple responses and can choose to chat with a particular operator or ask another question.
Live QA addon is available for Enterprise Download and On Demand clients only.