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Hosting recommendation for the PHP Live! Download
Bluehost is an excellent web hosting company. They have been providing reliable high performance web hosting since 2003.
How much chat load can bluehost's very basic hosting plan handle?
Bluehost's very basic plan is named the "basic" plan, a shared hosting environment with a price tag of $7.99/mo. The plan includes a PHP and MySQL web server environment with cPanel access and enough server resources for most websites.
PHP Live! installed on the bluehost "basic" plan will be able to process an estimated:
Chat operators online at the same time: 1-5 (recommended max)
Simultaneous chat sessions: 1-10 (recommended max)
Website visitors a day: 1-500 (recommended max)
If projecting more usage, simply upgrade the bluehost hosting plan accordingly. For websites receiving 500+ visitors a day, the bluehost "plus", "prime" or "pro" plan is recommended.
Live chat server benefits:
  • Unlimited operators
  • Life time of software usage
  • No need to rely on a third-party live chat provider
  • You have full control of the software and the data
  • All data is stored on your live chat server
  • Modify the system for your needs
  • Own the software and use it for life
HTTPS: If your website has HTTPS secure pages, you will need to purchase a SSL certificate for the live chat server. The SSL can be purchased and setup at anytime at the cPanel or during the new hosting plan signup.