Knowledge Base

  • Creating custom themes
  • Generate the chat icon HTML Code
  • PHP Live! login URLs
  • Reset Desktop Notification Settings
  • Multiple chat icons on the same page
  • Creating a new language pack file
  • Add custom fields on the chat request window
  • Canned responses shared with all operators assigned to the department
  • Resize the visitor chat request window size
  • Automatic chat invitation configuration
  • Automatically open the embed chat window for operator chat invites
  • Chat routing types: Defined Order, Round-Robin and Simultaneous
  • Assign an operator to a department
  • Two chat icons on the same page with different chat icon image
  • Where are the uploaded files saved to on the hard drive and how long are they stored?
  • One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (department method)
  • Create additional Setup Admin accounts
  • Disable visitor sending of chat transcripts
  • Configure the Waiting Queue feature
  • Enable operator "Automatic Login" feature
  • Automatic global offline time for department operators
  • Access helpful URLs within the operator console with External URLs
  • Where is the text "Agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience."
  • Switch your system to HTTPS from HTTP
  • Clear browser cache
  • Operator Console "Network Status" network icon explained
  • Categorize chat sessions with Tags
  • View missed chats
  • Skip the pre-chat form
  • Hide the embed chat popout icon
  • Update the outgoing transcript email message
  • DMARC domains
  • Exclude IPs from the footprint data
  • Initiate chat with the visitor
  • Create/Edit department groups
  • Enable or disable operator sharing of chat transcripts
  • FTP Program Installation
  • Delete a theme from your PHP Live! system
  • Operator max chat limit automatically route to the next operator
  • Monitor and view current active chats in real-time
  • Hide the email field on the chat request window
  • Update the text "To better assist you, please provide the following information."
  • Mobile: Always open the chat sessions in a new window for all mobile visitors
  • Update operator profile picture or switch on or off the profile picture display to visitor
  • Automatically send a canned response immediately after accepting a chat
  • Embed chat window at the bottom edge of the webpage without padding
  • Chat icon offline behavior redirect to a URL - feature description
  • Add a marquee message on the chat window footer area
  • Chat between internal staff/team members (Operator-to-Operator chat)
  • Manually enable desktop notification
  • View operator online/offline activity
  • Update the theme of the chat window
  • Chat invite has been switched off by the Setup Admin
  • Hide the chat icon when offline
  • Floating chat icon
  • Enable operator Mobile App access
  • Blocking a visitor from future chat requests
  • Improve the Voice Chat feature with a TURN server
  • Set the system to 24 hour format timestamps
  • Enable/Disable visitor send webpage screenshot
    • Live Chat
      Live chat is available M-F 9am-5pm (MST).
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    • Phone
      Phone support is available M-F 9am-5pm (MST).
      +1 (720) 336-8323
    • Email
      Email support is available 24x7 but response times may vary after business hours M-F 9am-5pm (MST).