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Does your company have an intranet chat solution for LAN instant messaging?
Communicating with coworkers is typically through phone, email or face-to-face interactions. But have you considered deploying an intranet chat software for LAN (Local Area Network) instant messaging communication (LAN messenger)? There are many benefits to deploy an intranet chat solution:
Intranet Live Chat Communicatioin
All chat transcripts and data are stored on your servers. Install PHP Live! on your company IP address, internal access only domain or a virtual private network.
100% standalone chat solution that functions securely inside your network. There is zero communication to external sites or external network to function.
Create a chat operator account for each coworker. Each coworker can quickly and easily reach each other to relay information and streamline their current communication.
Some companies may still rely on legacy browsers that most live chat solutions may not be compatible with. PHP Live! works on all browsers, even IE7 and other legacy browsers such as Netscape. (Woah!)
One time purchase, life time of use without the monthly fees and other overhead. You own the software.
Just launch a web browser! No installation needed on the company computers that is used by the coworkers.
How will the coworks access the chat and communicate with each other?
The suggested deployment would be to create a chat operator account for each coworker. There would not be an online/offline chat icon on a webpage. Instead, when a coworker needs to chat with other coworkers, they would launch a web browser and login to the PHP Live! system as the chat operator and access the "Operators" list and request an Operator-to-Operator chat with each other. Because every coworker can view each other's online/offline status, they will be able to request a chat when a coworker is online and available. The complete chat transcripts are stored to the system and can be viewed at anytime by the coworker or the Setup Admin.
What does my company need to get started?
All that is required is a sever that is PHP and MySQL enabled. That's it! LAN messaging for your company can be deployed in just minutes.
Try PHP Live! Before Deploying It On Your Server