Intranet Instant Messaging

Because PHP Live! can be installed on your server with all the data stored in your database, it can be deployed as an intranet instant messaging software, a method for your team members to chat with each other. Collaborate, chit-chat or exchange information in real-time, within your intranet network. There is zero third-party communication. External internet connection is not required and everything can function 100% within your company's private network.
Fully functional within your network or VPN
External internet connection is not required
Chat with team members from other cities, states and countries
Collaborate and exchange files directly in chat
Create unlimited operators
View team member online/offline status
Every chat session is saved to the system
Powered by PHP and MySQL

Chat With Your Team Members

Online operators can request chat with each other for Operator-to-Operator chat or they can create a group chat of 5 operators in one chat session.
Secure And Private Team Messaging
With PHP Live! as your intranet instant messaging software, every communication stays within your network with all the data stored securely and privately on your server. There is zero third-party communication and PHP Live! can fully function without an external internet connection.