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For Windows, Linux, and Chromebook operating systems, you can create a desktop app from any website URL using Google Chrome. Just like all Windows applications, the Google Chrome app also has a desktop icon for quick access to the webpage. This can also be done for your PHP Live! system, providing a quick access to the PHP Live! operator console.
    Required Specs:
  • Windows, Linux, or Chromebook
  • Google Chrome browser
  1. Launch Google Chrome browser
  2. Browse to your PHP Live! URL
  3. Add the following query to the end of the URL: ?auto=1
  4. Press ENTER to load the new URL that contains the "?auto=1"
    * it is important the browser loads the new URL that contains the "?auto=1"
  5. On the browser, click the upper right settings icon. Proceed to the "More tools" > "Add to desktop..."
  6. A popup confirmation box will appear. Be sure the "Open as window" checkbox is checked and then click "Add". There should now be a PHP Live! Chrome App icon on your desktop. The icon can be pinned to the taskbar, placed on the start menu or on the metro style app menu.
  7. Done!
NOTE: On the initial launching of the PHP Live! "Chrome App", if the desktop notification is enabled for your operator console, the notification may not appear at first. From our research, you may need to at least login to the operator console using the Chrome App, then close the app and re-login. The desktop notification is functional on Chrome App.