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OpenCart 3.x Integration
Integrating PHP Live! with OpenCart is a simple process of pasting the PHP Live! HTML Code to the PHP Live! OpenCart module. Be sure your OpenCart is the latest version 3.x with twig template system. Download the latest version at OpenCart.com.
A PHP Live! system must already be setup, either the FREE Trial, Download Solution or the On Demand Solution.
  1. Download the PHP Live! OpenCart Module.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and you will see an upload/ directory. Click to view inside the directory and you will see following two directories:
    • admin/
    • catalog/
  3. Copy the above two directories to your OpenCart parent directory. The OpenCart parent directory should also contain admin/ and catalog/ directories.
  4. Login to your OpenCart Admin Dashboard and select the Extensions -> Modules.
  5. Scroll to the "PHP Live!" module and install the module by clicking the install icon.
  6. Proceed to edit by clicking the edit icon.
  7. Enable the status and paste the PHP Live! HTML Code to the module.
  8. Save settings by clicking the "Save" icon on the top right of the page.
  9. Next, access the Layouts area and "edit" the page you would like the chat icon to be displayed.
  10. The position of the module is up to you. The "Content Top" or "Content Bottom" is suggested.
    Don't forget to click the add icon to add a new module space before selecting the module.
  11. Save and Done!
* If the chat icon is not displaying, try placing the PHP Live! module at another layout position.