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Joomla Integration
Integrating PHP Live! with Joomla is a simple process of pasting the PHP Live! HTML Code to the PHP Live! Joomla module. Be sure your Joomla is the latest version. Download the latest version at Joomla.org.
A PHP Live! system must already be setup, either the FREE Trial, Download Solution or the On Demand Solution.
  1. Download the PHP Live! Joomla Module.
  2. Install the PHP Live! module by accessing the Joomla Administrator control panel:
    1. Click the top menu Extensions->Extension Manager.
    2. On the "Upload Package File" area, Choose the downloaded PHP Live! Joomla Module ZIP file on the computer.
    3. Click "Upload & Install" button to upload the file.
    4. A success message should appear.
  3. After installing the module, access the top menu Extensions->Module Manager.
  4. Click the "PHP Live!" module to configure.
  5. On the "Module" area, paste the PHP Live! HTML Code and set the Display to "Yes".
    * the PHP Live! HTML Code is obtained from your PHP Live! system
  6. Still on the "Module" area, at the right side there should be additional settings. Set the Position to "Top" or a position of your choice.
  7. Set the Status to "Published".
  8. Next, continue to the "Menu Assignment" tab and set the Module Assignment to "On all pages".
  9. Save settings and done!
* if the above screenshots look different then what you see for your Joomla control panel, most likely you'll want to upgrade to the latest Joomla version or refer to the previous Joomla version documentation.
* if Joomla is displaying the raw code rather then the chat icon, the following Joomla forum discussion may provide a solution.