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Gmail Integration
Integrating PHP Live! with Gmail is a simple process of copy and paste.
  1. Login to your PHP Live! system as the Setup Admin.
  2. Access the top menu "HTML Code".
  3. On the "HTML Code" page, scroll down a bit and select the "No JavaScript" code option.
  4. SELECT and HIGHLIGHT the image output, same as if you were to highlight a text. Copy the selection to the clipboard by Control "c" method (for Mac, Command "c"). Do not mouse click and copy as the menu will typically display the copy of the image, not the selection.
  5. Access your Gmail settings and do a paste (Control "v" or Command "v") of the chat icon into the signature area.
  6. Save Gmail settings and done!
Keep in mind, the recipient of your email messages may or may not have image display enabled.
If you are wanting to set the PHP Live! system to send emails using Gmail, view the documentation here.