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MySQL "mysql extension is deprecated"

The error is due to latest versions of the core PHP missing the MySQL functions.  This is at the core PHP level, not the PHP Live! system.  PHP Live! is simply trying to access a function that no longer exists.  You'll want to now reference the PHP Live! system to utilize the new MySQLi functions.


IMPORTANT: Be sure that your PHP Live! system is v.4.3.6 or greater.  The $CONF['SQLTYPE'] variable was introduced on v.4.3.6 and prior versions will not be able to process the variable.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


This is what you'll want to do:

* If not already, upgrade your PHP Live! to the latest version before proceeding.


  1. Edit the file phplive/web/config.php

  2. Modify the variable $CONF['SQLTYPE'] so that the PHP Live! system references the SQLi.php library:
    * if the variable does not exist, add the entire line:
    $CONF['SQLTYPE'] = 'SQLi.php' ;


  3. Save file and done!


NOTE: The system supports PDO MySQL connection method as well.  Simply update the above $CONF['SQLTYPE'] value to PDO.php instead of SQLi.php.

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