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PHP Live! 4.x Upgrade

The following is the upgrade procedures for the Download Solution.  In brief, the upgrade process is replacing the current PHP Live! files on the server with the new software files.


Before upgrading, make a backup copy of the entire phplive/ directory.  Do not rename the directory.  Simply make a backup copy.    For cPanel users, "Compress" the directory instead of "Copy" because it will be faster.  But "Copy" is ok too.




It is suggested to upgrade the system after business hours when website activity is minimal.   All operators should log out of the system before upgrading.


 Important notice when upgrading to the latest version from PHP Live! versions <= v.

When upgrading from outdated PHP Live! versions <= v. to the latest version, the following areas will be reset due to a new method of stat data storing: Chat Request Timeline, Chat Stats, IP, Footprint and Refer URL Stats and Footer Marquee Messages. Past chat transcripts will not be deleted.


 Important notice when upgrading to the latest version from PHP Live! versions <= v.

When upgrading from outdated PHP Live! versions <= v. to the latest version, the SMTP values will be reset IF your web server PHP version is >= 7.1. Make sure to provide the SMTP values again at Setup Admin -> Extras -> SMTP after the upgrade.


  1. Login to the Client area and download the latest PHP Live! version to your computer.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the entire phplive/ folder to your computer.

  3. Using an FTP program (FileZilla is our recommendation), open an FTP connection to your web server and change directory to where the phplive/ folder is located.  Make sure you are seeing the phplive/ directory, not the contents inside it.

  4. FTP the new PHP Live! files (the entire phplive/ folder that is located on your computer) to your web server, replacing the existing phplive/ directory.  Essentially, you will be updating the old files to the new files.

    If the FTP program prompts to 
    "override" or "replace", choose "override" to override ALL previous files on the server to the new files.
    * do not choose replace or rename!  it may cause the web/config.php file to be cleared.  choose to "override" the folders and files, not replace.

     For cPanel users, you can simply upload the downloaded tar file (NOT the zip format) to the sever through cPanel then extract the tar file (the tar format will set the correct directory and file permissions).  If wanting to use the zip download format, you will need to unzip the zip file and upload the files using an FTP program.

  5. After the FTP process has completed, launch a web browser and access your PHP Live! system.
    (example: )

    Error to Note: If you see an installation page rather then an "updating" page, STOP!  You'll will need to restore to original using the backup you made earlier.  After the restore, follow this upgrade procedure again, from Step 1.

  6. Done!





Possible errors to note:


500 internal server error - If you receive this error when accessing the phplive/ directory via the URL, try setting the phplive/ folder and all the folders to 755 and all files to 644.  Most FTP programs will have a setting (right click the folder name and then "File permissions" or "Permissions" menu option) to set a specific permission of all folders and files recursively.  If you do not see such option, consider using FileZilla FTP Program.

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