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Jan. 31st, 2019

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  •  CloudFlare has recently (on January 30th) updated their RocketLoader and it seems to be effecting all JavaScript inline onClick, onKeyPress, onChange, onAnything events. The RocketLoader is placing additional code on those events that may break website functions, including PHP Live! software.  The issue is a new CloudFlare variable that needs to be introduced, __cfRLUnblockHandlers.  Pages should contain a variable declaration of __cfRLUnblockHandlers to indicate the skip of additional checks by RocketLoader.  The new PHP Live! version v. includes this new addition in all areas.

    It is advised to check all your websites because this seems to be effecting all pages that goes through CloudFlare with RocketLoader enabled. Simply add a JavaScript variable on the pages that seemed to be effected, pages that contain onClick, onKeyPress, onChange, onAnything JavaScript events:

    var __cfRLUnblockHandlers = 1 ;

  •  If utilizing the SMTP addon for outgoing email sending, the system will automatically hyper link URLs for convenient clicking rather then copy/paste of the URL
  •  Operator chat invite sometimes did not process - fixed
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