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Operator duplicate login loop error when trying to sign on

Most likely this is happening on Google Chrome browser.  It has something to do with cookie values and the values will need to be reset.  Here is what you will want to do:


  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser
  2. Install "Edit this Cookie" addon to your Google Chrome browser.
  3. Open your PHP Live! URL on the Google Chrome browser (the operator login page)
  4. While on the operator login page, there should be a cookie icon right next to the URL bar on the Google Chrome browser.  Click the cookie icon
  5. On the window that is opened, there should be a set of menu options.  Click the trash can icon to "Delete All" cookies for the PHP Live! system
  6. After the cookies have been deleted, refresh the login page and try again.  It may take couple attempts due to new cookies being set.


If you continue to experience duplicate login issue, please contact for assistance.

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