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SMS new chat request notification

To setup the system to receive SMS alerts for new chat requests, here is what you will want to do:


  1. Login to PHP Live! as the chat operator
  2. Click the top menu "Notifications"
  3. Proceed to the "SMS Alert" sub menu
    * If you do not see the "SMS Alert" sub menu, contact the person that created your chat operator account and ask them to enable the "SMS Alerts" feature for your account.  The "SMS Alert" feature setting is located at the Setup Admin -> Operators area.

  4. Follow the steps detailed on the page, verify your settings and done!


If you are having trouble verifying your SMS number, contact your mobile carrier and double check the mobile number and the carrier gateway values.  Tell them you are trying to receive SMS from an email format mobile number.  They should be able to assist you in obtaining the correct values.

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