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Installation troubleshooting tips

The following documentation will detail few server errors during install and the possible solutions.


Directory Permissions or "Could not create system directories" - Most likely, it may be a simple situation of the web/ directory not having the correct read/write permission.  The following permission related documentation will detail the steps to correct the issue.


500 internal server error - If you receive this error when accessing the phplive/ directory via the URL, try setting the phplive/ folder and all the folders to 755 and all files to 644.  Most FTP programs will have a setting (right click the folder name and then "File permissions" or "Permissions" menu option) to set a specific permission of all folders and files recursively.  If you do not see such option, consider using FileZilla FTP Program.


File directory permissions error on SELinux server environments - Not confirmed but according to source, the SELinux context type should be set as httpd_sys_content_rw_t instead of httpd_sys_content_t so that the folder is both readable and writable for apache. Changing the context recursively is done with the following command:

# chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_rw_t /full_path_to_your_PHP_Live_system/


Possible system directory creation error on IIS web servers - If you experience an error of creating system directories during the web installation process, double check the IIS_IUSRS or the IUSR user has full Read and Write permissions for the phplive/web/ folder.



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