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PHP Live! and CloudFlare Rocket Loader

If your website uses Cloud Flare services, double check the Rocket Loader option is set to "Off" or "Manual".


The Rocket Loader setting can be found at the "Speed" area of the CloudFlare control panel.  If the Rocket Loader is enabled or is set to "Automatic", it alters how the external JavaScript files are loaded and it will alter lots of standard JavaScript variable scopes and functions.  The Rocket Loader will effect ALL external JavaScript code, not just PHP Live! JavaScript.


If the Rocker Loader is on, you may experience:

Unable login to the Operator Console or the Setup Admin area

Operator Console does not load correctly or does not function as intended

Unable to accept chat requests

JavaScript errors on the Operator Console and many other areas


CloudFlare site also mentions the impact of Rocket Loader and the possible issues it may cause.  You can read the information directly at the CloudFlare post "Why is JavaScript or jQuery not working on my site?".


Cloud Flare Rocket Loader should be set to Off or Manual.  When the Rocker Loader feature is out of BETA, perhaps the performance will not effect so many areas.



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