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Reset the Setup Admin password

First, try the "forgot password" link on the login page to reset password of the chat operator or the Setup Admin.  If you do not see the "forgot password" link, you'll want to upgrade your system to the latest version.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


If the "forgot password" does not seem to be sending the password reset email message, a manual update of the password directly at the database level is needed.  Here are the steps to manually update the Setup Admin password directly at the MySQL database:


* Before proceeding, check to see if your PHP Live! system has a phplive/reset.php file (introduced in v.  If your PHP Live! system has a reset.php file, edit the file and update the values detailed within the file.  If your PHP Live! system does not have a reset.php file, proceed to the direct database method detailed below (or upgrade your system to the latest version for the reset.php method):


  1. Using a MySQL front-end tool (such as PHPMyAdmin), access the PHP Live! database and locate the table p_admins.
  2. Edit the p_admins column "password" and input the new value 



    NOTE: If you see a "Functions" drop down menu, you'll want to leave that drop down menu to a blank value.  Do not select a selection from the drop down menu.  It should be left a blank value.

  3. Save the value.
  4. Access your PHP Live! setup login. (
  5. The new setup password is now phplive


Note: For those utilizing Suhosin, double check that the "suhosin.cookie.encrypt" value is set to Off.  Though  encrypting cookies does not seem to effect PHP based cookie fetching, it will effect fetching of the cookies via JavaScript methods.


For On Demand clients:

  1. Login to the client area and there should be a button on the main page to reset the Setup Admin password.
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