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Update the GeoIP data to the latest version

* GeoIP addon requires PHP Live! v.4.7.4 or greater. Prior PHP Live! versions will not be able to recognize the GeoIP addon.


To update the GeoIP data to the latest GeoIP data version, here is what you will want to do:


  1. Download the latest GeoIP Addon from the client area.
  2. Decompress the downloaded file to produce the new geo_data/ directory containing the GeoIP Addon files.
  3. FTP the entire geo_data/ directory to your server, replacing the existing GeoIP Addon folder located at the phplive/addons/ directory.
    If you see an error indicating the "geo_data" folder does not exist, you will need to upgrade your PHP Live! system to the latest version.  The latest PHP Live! version can be downloaded from the client area.
  4. Done!
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