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Multiple company logos using a single installation

Essentially, you will want to utilize the chat department for each website.


* Documentations are written assuming that your PHP Live! is always the latest version.  If you do not see the menu options or the feature, you may want to upgrade your system to the latest version.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


  1. Login to your PHP Live! system as the Setup Admin area.
  2. Click the top menu "Departments".
  3. Create a department and name the department (example: Website 1).
  4. Next, click the top menu "Interface" and proceed to the "Logo" area.
  5. Upload the logo for the department (the website company logo)
  6. (optional) After updating the logo, click the "Embed Chat Logo Display" menu on that page.  Set the logo display for the embed window.
  7. Click the top menu "HTML Code" and generate a department specific HTML Code just for that department.  Copy the HTML Code and paste the code onto the corresponding website.  When a visitor clicks the chat icon, the request will automatically be routed to the specific department, displaying the company logo.
  8. Done!


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