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Automatic global offline time for department operators

The PHP Live! system includes the option to go offline at a specific time for each department.  The feature is designed to assist in the following situations:


  • A helpful notification to the operator when it is time to go offline
  • Prevent an accidental going online during offline hours
  • Preventing an accidental leaving the office with an online status


To access the "Automatic Offline" feature, here is what you'll want to do:


* Documentations are written assuming that your PHP Live! is always the latest version.  If you do not see the menu options or the feature, you may want to upgrade your system to the latest version.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


  1. Login to the Setup Admin area
  2. Click the top menu "Departments"
  3. For each department, there will be a submenu "Automatic Offline".  Click the menu to configure the feature.  If you are wanting to only allow operators to be online after a certain time (example: 10am-6:00pm), it is suggested to set the "Automatic Offline" at 6:00pm with an Offline Duration of 15 hours.  It is recommended to allow 1 hour from the actual online time to limit confusion or other possible issues when the operator tries to login at the exact time.
  4. Done!


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