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Permission denied related errors

When you receive a permission denied on the phplive/web/ directory or other similar permission denied errors for a file, it is due to web write permission not set properly on the phplive/web/ directory.  To correct this error, you simply need to enable full read/write access to the web/ directory so that the PHP Live! system can write into the directory in order to function correctly.


  1. Open an FTP connection to your web server.
  2. Access your phplive/ folder to view the contents.
  3. Locate the phplive/web/ folder and right click the folder name to display the directory options and select "File permissions" or "Permissions".
    Note: If you do not see a web/ directory, simply create it.
  4. Check ALL the boxes, including "recurse into subdirectories" and submit.
  5. Done!


* Don't forget to update the permission recursively so that the web/ directory and the contents inside the web/ directory is set properly.


Still not working?  Try setting the permissions to 755.  Some server require 777, some servers require 755 depending on the server environment.


Still not working?  With sudo or root access, try setting the phplive/web/ directory to the web server user (chown apache:apache -R phplive/web/).  If that does not solve the issue, some server environments may require the entire phplive/ directory to be the user of the web server (very rare).


Typically, permission denied errors can be corrected very easily at the server level.  You may want to contact your web server admin to see if any settings were changed at the server level.  If the above method does not set the correct permissions, a server admin with the proper administrative server access (such as root) can fix this very easily.  They will want to login through shell prompt and change the permissions on the web/ directory to full read write (chmod a+rw -R phplive/web/).

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