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Automatic chat invitation configuration

Automatic chat invitation will display a chat invite image to the visitor after certain criteria are met:


  • total number of page views
  • total duration on a page


Once the automatic chat invitation has been configured, no further action is required.  When an operator is online, the system will automatically process the invite settings and display the chat invitation image to the website visitor.


To configure the automatic chat invitation you will want to do the following:

  1. Login to your PHP Live! Setup Admin area
  2. Click the top menu "HTML Code"
  3. From the "HTML Code" area, click the "Automatic Chat Invite" sub menu
  4. Configure the values and save
  5. Done!


Understanding the Chat Invitation Reset

You'll want to have an idea of how the chat invitation reset is processed.  For example, say you have set the reset to 3 days.  Once the chat invitation has been displayed to the visitor, the next display will be in 3 days.  This is straight forward.  But, anytime the visitor requests chat assistance (not an automated invite), it resets the chat invitation timer.  Thus, if the chat invite was displayed on day 1, the visitor clicks the chat icon to request chat on day 2, the next automatic chat invitation will be displayed on day 5.  The system is setup this way so that if the visitor requests chat assistance, a scheduled chat invite will not be displayed during a middle of a chat session.

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