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Multiple chat icons on the same page

Generate the first chat icon:

  1. Login to your PHP Live! system as the Setup Admin
  2. Click the top menu "HTML Code"
  3. Copy the displayed "Standard HTML Code" and paste it onto your webpages.
  4. Done! This is the first chat icon.


Generate the second chat icon:

  1. Simply "refresh" the "HTML Code" page and the system will generate a new HTML Code with a different ID.
  2. Copy the displayed "Standard HTML Code" and paste it onto your webpages.
  3. Done! This is the second chat icon.


Convenient method to reference the launching of the chat window using an existing HTML Code on the webpage.


Sometimes you may want to place various texts on the website that launches the chat window, without having to place many HTML Codes on the same page.  If you already have an existing chat icon HTML Code on your webpage, you can reference the JavaScript chat window launch function directly.  For instance, the HTML Code contains code similar to:


<span id="phplive_btn_1441730495" onclick="phplive_launch_chat_0(0)" style="color: #0000FF; text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer; position: fixed; bottom: 0px; right: 0px; z-index: 1000;"></span>


Notice the phplive_launch_chat_0(0) JavaScript event.  This is the function to launch the chat window.  Thus, if the chat icon HTML Code is present on the webpage already, take a look at the code to view the function it calls to launch the chat.  In this case, the function is phplive_launch_chat_0(0)


Using this function, you can have many live chat clickable links on your webpage simply by calling this function.  As an example:


<a href="JavaScript:void(0)" onclick="phplive_launch_chat_0(0)">click to chat with us</a>


This link will reference the existing chat launch function and open a live support chat window without having to place another entire HTML Code on your webpage.  You can simply reference the existing HTML Code JavaScript chat launch function.


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