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How-To and Helpful Info
Access helpful URLs within the operator console with External URLs
Add custom fields on the chat request window
Assign an operator to a department
Automatic chat invitation configuration
Automatic global offline time for department operators
Automatically open the embed chat window for operator chat invites
Chat routing types: Defined Order, Round-Robin and Simultaneous
Clear browser cache
Creating a new language pack file
Creating custom themes
Disable visitor sending of chat transcripts
DMARC domains
Enable operator "Automatic Login" feature
Enable or disable operator sharing of chat transcripts
Exclude IPs from the footprint data
FTP Program Installation
Initiate chat with the visitor
Mobile: Always open the chat sessions in a new window for all mobile visitors
Monitor and view current active chats in real-time
Multiple chat icons on the same page
Operator Console "Network Status" network icon explained
PHP Live! login URLs
Reset Desktop Notification Settings
Resize the visitor chat request window size
Skip the pre-chat form similar option
SMS new chat request notification
Two chat icons on the same page with different chat icon image
Update the outgoing transcript email message
What are the .fes files in the file upload directory?
Where are the uploaded files saved to on the hard drive and how long are they stored?
Where is the text "Agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience."