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PHP Live! 4.x Upgrade

The following is the upgrade procedures for the Download Solution.


FTP program recommendationSome FTP programs tend to skip or partial FTP of files during bulk FTP.  If you receive errors on your PHP Live! system after installation, you may want to upload the files again.  To ensure there is not a redundant FTP process, we recommend FileZilla FTP Program.


Backup of the web/ directory (not required, but good idea)Make a backup of the web/ directory prior to upgrading.  The web/ directory contains important dynamic files and other settings.  (if your PHP Live! system is installed at public_html/phplive/, the web/ directory would be public_html/phplive/web/, make a backup of that directory).




 It is suggested to upgrade the system after business hours when website activity is minimal.   All operators should log out of the system before upgrading.


UPGRADE-STEP 1. Transfer the new PHP Live! files to your web server, replacing the current files: 

  1. Login to the Client area and access the top menu Downloads to download the latest PHP Live! version (ZIP compressed file) to your computer.

    cPanel NOTE: For SiteGround or other types of cPanel, upload the ZIP file directly to the server using the cPanel "File Manager", making sure the upload location is the same directory where your current PHP Live! system is installed (transfer the ZIP file to the same directory the current phplive/ folder is located).  After the ZIP file upload, "Extract" the ZIP file using the cPanel "File Manager" (there should be an "Extract" icon near the cPanel top menu).  The "Extract" action will override all the existing PHP Live! files to the latest files contained in the ZIP.  After complete, skip to step UPGRADE-STEP 2.  Non cPanel users, continue to the next step 2 for the standard FTP method.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the entire phplive/ folder to your computer.
  3. Open an FTP connection to your web server and change directory to the PHP Live! system (the directory where the PHP Live! files are located, API/, addons/, index.php, phplive.php, etc).
  4. FTP the new PHP Live! files (the entire contents of the phplive/ folder that is located on your computer) to your web server, replacing the existing PHP Live! files.  If the FTP program prompts to "override" or "replace", choose "yes" to override ALL previous files on the server to the new files.  Essentially, you will be updating the old files to the new files.  Be sure to FTP ALL the directories and files that are inside the phplive/ directory.


UPGRADE-STEP 2. Final Step: Access the web based patch process:

  1. After the FTP process has completed, launch a web browser and access your PHP Live! system.  (example: )
  2. The webpage should indicate that your PHP Live! system is being updated.

    Error to Note: If you see an installation page rather then an "updating" page, then you'll want to repopulate the web/ folder with the backup created (detailed at the top of this documentation).  Only replace the web/ folder from the backup if you see an installation page rather then an "updating" page.  If you see an "updating" page, the system is being patched correctly.  After the "updating" is complete, your system is patched.

  3. Done!
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