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Installing the GeoIP addon

The GeoIP addon will display the country and city information of an IP address throughout the PHP Live! system.  To integrate the addon, you'll want to do the following:


  1. Login to your PHP Live! setup area.
  2. Click on top "Extras" menu.
  3. From here, click the "GeoIP" sub menu tab.
  4. Follow the instructions detailed on that page.
  5. Done!


In brief, the installation requires downloading the GeoIP addon from our website and importing the data to your system.  It's mostly web based installation after FTPing the data to your server.



[ About the GeoIP Data ]

The GeoIP data is from MaxMind's GeoLite City data: [legacy - not in use] [new format - in use]

OSI Codes Inc. has purchased the redistribution license of the GeoCity Lite database so our clients can benefit from the vast possibilities of the GeoIP capabilities. The GeoIP data is for your company use and from the PHP Live! system. You may not and cannot redistribute the data in any way as it will violate the MaxMind license agreement.

[ GeoIP Data Accuracy ]

On the MaxMind site, it states the data accuracy is a follows:

* GeoLite City (Free, the data we distribute for the PHP Live! system): Over 99.5% on a country level and 79% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius.
* GeoIP City (not Free): Over 99.8% on a country level and 83% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius.

GeoIP City contains more complete data at the city level, a purchase will need to be made at their site to be able to download the data. Details of the license is located at:

The Geo data that we distribute is MaxMind's GeoLite City. In most cases the country and city data will be available. But some newer network blocks or other IP ranges may not have the city available. For general purpose, the GeoLite City data should be sufficient. If you are wanting a more complete GeoIP data, you'll want to purchase the MaxMind's GeoIP City data directly from MaxMind.

[ GeoIP City Data Parsing Service ]

If you decide to purchase the more accurate GeoIP City data directly from MaxMind, OSI Codes Inc. can parse the raw data file to a format the PHP Live! system can recognize and import into the system. Please contact for more information about our GeoIP City data parsing service.



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