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Installing the GeoIP addon

* GeoIP addon requires PHP Live! v.4.7.4 or greater. Prior PHP Live! versions will not be able to recognize the GeoIP addon.


The GeoIP addon will display the country and city information of an IP address throughout the PHP Live! system.  To integrate the addon, you'll want to do the following:


  1. Login to your PHP Live! setup area.
  2. Click on top "Extras" menu.
  3. From here, click the "GeoIP" sub menu tab.
  4. Follow the instructions detailed on that page.
    If you see an error indicating the "geo_data" folder does not exist, you will need to upgrade your PHP Live! system to the latest version.  The latest PHP Live! version can be downloaded from the client area.
  5. Done!


In brief, the installation requires downloading the GeoIP addon and FTPing the addon to your server.


Licensing: To conform with MaxMind licensing, we are not packing the MaxMind data with the PHP Live! application, but rather is providing the data as a separate addon.  To make it easier for you, the GeoIP addon is simply an extracted data from the original source downloaded tar file from MaxMind website and then we include a version number so that you have an idea of the data version progression.  If you would like to extract the data at your end or view the actual downloaded file, the link is:


[ About the GeoIP Data ]

The GeoIP data is from MaxMind's GeoLite City data: [legacy - not in use] [new format - in use]

OSI Codes Inc. has purchased the redistribution license of the GeoCity Lite database so our clients can benefit from the vast possibilities of the GeoIP capabilities. The GeoIP data is for your company use and from the PHP Live! system. You may not and cannot redistribute the data in any way as it will violate the MaxMind license agreement.

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