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What are the server specs for the Download Solution?

For the Download solution, the server must already have PHP 4.3+ and MySQL 4.1+ currently installed.  No additional configuration of PHP and MySQL is needed and typically the installation takes only few minutes.


In terms of server OS, PHP Live! installs on all platforms: UNIX (any flavor), Mac and Windows.


Most server these days are quite robust, even at the very minimum package selections. If you intend to deploy PHP Live! on a dedicated server, the amount of resources needed  for the software is directly in proportion of your website traffic.
For most websites with moderate traffic, 1+ GIG RAM will cater to both the software and the website.  In terms of disc space, typically this is not an issue these days as hard disc memory is very affordable.  PHP Live! does retain data for reference.  Depending on the amount of chats and website traffic you receive, the disc space may vary.  For most websites, it is recommended to set aside at least 100 Megs of disc space.  For the GeoIP addon, additional 100 Megs is required for the IP data.
For a shared web hosting environment, things are much more different as there are countless numbers of hosting companies with their own settings for shared hosting accounts.  There may be some minor tweaking that can be done on the PHP Live! system on very few shared hosting environments with very strict settings.
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