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I'm a developer and want to know if I can use PHP Live! on all of my client's websites?

For situations where an agency creates and manages client websites, each client will need to purchase a valid PHP Live! License because the site content and product/service offered is for a different company.  However, a License can be purchased in behalf of the client.  Typically, in these situations, the agency charges an additional fee to the client to deploy the PHP Live! system.  Please contact for additional License discount for multiple Licenses.  To receive additional License discount code, you must already have purchased a PHP Live! License.


A common scenario to receive additional License discount would be:


  1. Purchase an initial PHP Live! License for the first client
  2. If needing additional Licenses, contact and include your existing client login with a request to receive additional License discount code
  3. A sales rep will send a promo code that can be applied to the new License purchase for the new client account.  Each client License purchase will require a new account at this end so that each License Key is linked with the new PHP Live! system.  If purchasing the additional License on behalf of your client, your contact email should be provided during the purchase process so that the additional accounts are linked with your email address for organized managing of multiple Licenses


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