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Can I deploy PHP Live! on multiple websites I own and manage?

Yes.  PHP Live! License Agreement is per company.  One PHP Live! License allows deployment of the system on multiple websites you own and operate, provided the domains are owned by the company, the site products/services offered is that of the company and the operators who will be using the PHP Live! system is directly associated with the company.


For situations where an agency creates and manages client websites, each client will need to purchase a valid PHP Live! License because the site content and products/services offered is of a different company.  Please contact for additional License discount code.  To receive additional License discount code, you must already own a valid PHP Live! License.


Software is not locked to a domain or server.

The PHP Live! software is not locked to a domain or server.  Rather, it includes a unique KEY that matches your client account information.  The KEY is to lookup your client information for support purposes (we only provide support to valid clients, based on the KEY).  The same KEY can be utilized for multiple websites.  Our priority is to be able to locate the account information based on the KEY.  The KEY is not bound to a domain or server.  Same downloaded software file can be installed on a development box and also production box, or other server environments.

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