PHP Live! Free Download (Self-Hosted) v.4.9.13

The self-hosted free download must be installed on your PHP and MySQL enabled web server.
Server Requirements
  • Server OS
  • UNIX, Mac or Windows
  • Web Server
  • Any web server with PHP and MySQL enabled
  • PHP
  • PHP >= 5.4, 7.x, 8.0 (tested up to 8.0)
  • Database
  • MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB
What's Included and What's Not Included
  • Create 1 Chat Operator
  • Life time of software use but purchasing the full version will unlock the missing features.
  • Unlimited Chat Sessions
  • Unlimited Departments
  • 100% Unencrypted PHP Source Code
  • All features enabled except the features listed below.
  • Operator to Operator Chat - The ability for operators to request a chat with other online operators.
  • Group Chat - The ability for operators to create a group chat of 5 additional operators in one chat session.
  • Operator Message Board - The ability for operators to post messages on a message board that is available to all operators.
  • Shared Canned Responses - The ability for the Setup Admin to create shared canned responses and shared canned categories.
  • Transfer Chat - The ability to transfer a chat session to another operator or department.
  • Operator Initiated Chat Invite - The ability for operator to initiate a chat with a visitor.
  • Chat Reports - The ability to view total chat requests and the accepted, declined and chat request timeline activity.
  • Operator Online/Offline Activity - The ability to view operator's Online/Offline activity and total duration online.
  • Automatic Start Chat - The ability to start the chat session automatically after clicking the chat icon.
  • Automatic Offline - The ability to set the department to automatically go offline at a certain time.
  • Automatic Chat Invite - The ability to configure the automatic chat invite feature to display a chat invite based on certain criteria.
  • Tags - The ability to create tags to categorize chats (example: "important", "sales", "high interest").
  • GeoIP Information - The ability to detect Geo Location based on visitor's IP address.
  • Department Groups - The ability to create department groups for customized department selection on the chat request window.
  • ProAction Invite - ProAction Invite can be a custom message to convey call to action to chat, display promotional information or direct a visitor to a specific URL.
  • Traffic Monitor - View your website traffic in real-time.
  • Addons: Whisper, Gravatar, Code Mapper, Email Marketing, Export Transcripts, Automatic Reply, Voice/Video Chat and LDAP
Do I need a server?
Yes. You must have a PHP and MySQL enabled web server. This is a self-hosted live chat software that must be installed on your server, accessed from your domain.
After I install the free version on my server, can it be upgraded when there is a new free version available?
Yes, the free version can be upgraded. It involves downloading the latest free version and following the upgrade procedures.
If I purchase the full version, can the free version be switched to the full version without losing my data?
Yes, the free version can be switched to any of the full versions without losing data. It involves downloading the full version and following the upgrade procedures.
Is tech support included for the free download version?
Tech support is not available for the self-hosted free download version.
User Agreement
Software License Agreement.
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