Free Download v. 4.7.91

PHP Live! Free Download Version can be installed on your PHP and MySQL enabled web server. It is a scaled down version of the complete software.
Server Requirements
  • Server OS
  • UNIX, Mac or Windows
  • Web Server
  • Any web server with PHP and MySQL enabled
  • PHP
  • PHP >= 5.4 or PHP7+
  • Database
  • MySQL >= 4.1 or MariaDB
What's Included and What's Not Included
  • Unlimited Chat Sessions
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Create 2 Chat Operators
  • Free Forever - Use the system for life but purchasing the full version will unlock the missing features and unlimited operators.
  • All features enabled except the features listed below.
  • Operator to Operator Chat - The ability for operators to request a chat to each other to start an operator to operator chat session.
  • Transfer Chat - The ability to transfer a chat session to another operator or department.
  • Operator Initiated Chat Invite - The ability for operator to initiate a chat with a visitor.
  • Chat Reports - The ability to view total chat requests and the accepted, declined and chat request timeline activity.
  • Operator Online/Offline Activity - The ability to view operator's Online/Offline activity and total duration online.
  • Automatic Start Chat - The ability to start the chat session automatically after clicking the chat icon.
  • Automatic Offline - The ability to set the department to automatically go offline at a certain time.
  • Automatic Chat Invite - The ability to configure the automatic chat invite feature to display a chat invite based on certain criteria.
  • Missed Chat Report - The ability to view missed chats stat. However, the operator console will display recent missed chats.
  • Tags - The ability to create tags to categorize chats (example: "important", "sales", "high interest").
  • Mobile App - The ability to login from the Mobile App.
  • GeoIP Information - The ability to detect Geo Location based on visitor's IP address.
  • Department Groups - The ability to create department groups for customized department selection on the chat request window.
  • ProAction Invite - ProAction Invite can be a custom message to convey call to action to chat, display promotional information or direct a visitor to a specific URL.
User Agreement
Software License Agreement.
    How-to Install
To unlock the missing features, purchase the full version and follow the upgrade procedures to update your system.
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