Popular Features

Resize The Chat Window
Customize the embed chat window size to match your website layout.
Automated Call to Action With ProAction Invite
ProAction Invite is an automated call to action to chat, display an image, redirect a visitor to a URL or announce a custom message.
ProAction Invites are automated.
ProAction Invites can contain HTML code (link an image, embed a video or display a formatted message).
ProAction Invites are displayed when you are online or offline, or for both situations.
ProAction Invites trigger based on page views and page view duration.
Chat Routing Types
Defined Order
The chat request is routed to each operator based on the defined order.
The operator that has not accepted a chat in the longest time will be the first to receive the chat request.
All operators will receive the chat request at the same time.
Pre-Chat Form
Required or Optional
Pre-chat form fields such as name, email and question can be required, optional or hidden. The ability to skip the pre-chat form is also available.
Custom Fields
Add custom fields to gather additional information from the visitor.
Custom variables can also be sent to the chat request window using JavaScript. JavaScript custom variables will not be visible to the visitor but will be visible to the chat operator. Learn more.
Canned Responses
Shared Canned Responses
The Setup Admin can create canned responses that are available to all operators assigned to the department.
Canned Categories
The Setup Admin can create canned response categories that are available to all operators assigned to the department.
Transfer Chat
Transfer Chat To Operator
An operator can transfer a chat session to another department operator.
Transfer Chat To Department
Rather then selecting an operator, the chat can also be transferred to another department.
Chat Icons
Image, SVG or Text
The chat icon can be a custom image, SVG with custom colors or it can be a custom text link.
Popup, Tabbed or Embed
When the chat icon is clicked, the chat window can open as a popup window, tabbed window or embed window on the webpage.
Chat Tags
1. Create tags.
2. Select a tag during chat.
3. View transcripts by tags.
Operator to Operator Chat
Operator to Operator Chat
An operator can request a chat with another operator.
Operator Group Chat
An operator can create a group chat with up to 5 additional operators.
Chat Whisper
Whisper to Operator
A supervisor (another operator) can join a chat session and send whispers to the operator.
The operator that receives the whisper can also respond back with the /w slash command (example: /w Ok. I will let them know.) Learn more.
Participate in Chat
A supervisor (another operator) can join a chat session and directly participate in the chat. Participating in a chat will display the message to both the visitor and the operator. Learn more.
Stats and Reports
Daily Stats
Total chat requests, total chat accepted and total chat declined stats can be viewed for each day of the month.
Hourly Stats
The daily stats are further drilled down by the hour.
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