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A live chat software that is keeping it Real-time.
We like to keep it Real-time. Real-time for visitors. Real-time for operators. Real-time exchange of information directly from your website. Phone and email support are great but a real-time live chat session with your website visitor can help exchange information much faster and accomplish tasks much more efficiently. Whether you are at the office, at a cyber cafe or working from home, live chat customer service delivers the same top quality support your website visitors deserve. Deploy PHP Live! for your website and begin providing real-time live chat customer service to your website visitors.
Chat Features
Embed or popup chat window
Embed the chat window on your webpage or open a new popup window when the chat icon is clicked.
Add additional expressiveness with emoticons of ecstatic, happy, thumbs up and more.
Waiting queue
Place new chat requests in the "Waiting Queue" when department operators are chatting at their max concurrent chat sessions. The max concurrent chat session limit (1-10) can be set for each operator.
Tag chat
Categorize chats with tags (example: "sales lead", "high interest").
File upload during a chat session
Upload files during a chat session, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, ZIP, TAR, TXT, TEXT or CONF formats.
Paste clipboard image to a chat session
Paste and automatically upload the clipboard image to a chat session.
Skip the pre-chat form
Allow visitors to skip the pre-chat form and start a chat session with just a button click.
Transfer chat to another Operator
Transfer the chat and connect the visitor to another operator that can further assist with certain inquiries.
Transfer chat to another Department
Transfer the chat and connect the visitor to another department that can further assist with certain inquiries.
Party "is typing" indicator
Each party (visitor and operator) is notified when the other is typing a message.
Operator to operator chat
Operators can request chats with one another to relay messages internally.
Canned responses
Faster than typing, create canned responses for quick answers to frequently asked questions.
Chat request routing
Evenly distribute chat requests with round robin, defined order or simultaneous chat request routing.
Maximum concurrent chat limit
Set the maximum active chat session limit for each operator (1-10 max).
Chat request loop
Loop the chat request to online operators more then once for certain situations that may require multiple chat routing to ensure the chat request will be serviced.
Automatic chat invitation
Automatically display a chat invitation based on certain criterias.
"Busy" offline message
If operators are not available to accept the chat request, display a custom "Busy" offline message.
View active chats as Setup Admin
As the setup admin, view operator active chat sessions in real-time.
Privacy & GDPR (consent checkbox)
Display a privacy and data policy information and consent checkbox on the chat request window. If policy text is provided, visitors are required to check the checkbox before starting a chat session or sending an offline message.
Traffic Monitor
Website traffic monitor
Monitor your website traffic to gather traffic trends and reports.
Visitor information
View refer URL, browser type, footprints and other visitor informations in real-time.
GeoIP Addon
View the country, city and the map location on Google Maps.
Exclude IPs
Exclude internal or company IP from being counted towards the overall footprint report.
Operator chat invitation (Chat Invite)
Operators can proactively send a chat invitation to the website visitor.
Upload company logo
Personalize the chat window with your company logo.
Upload online/offline chat icons
Upload custom online/offline chat icons to match your website look and feel.
Visitor chat window themes
Select from many included chat window themes to choose from.
Operator console window themes
Each operator can set their operator console window theme.
Chat window language pack
Visitor chat request window can be updated to display a language of your choice.
Greeting message for each department
Chat request greeting message ("Welcome to our Live Chat", "To better assist you, please provide the following information.") can be updated for each department created.
Custom fields on chat request form
Add additional custom fields on the chat request window (example "Login", "Phone", "Order Number", etc.).
Language text
Update the chat request window text and the leave a message offline text
Operator profile picture
Customize the profile picture and profile picture visibility setting for each operator.
Custom chat end message
After the chat session has ended, display a custom message to the visitor.
Setup Options
Department settings
Chat gretting, offline message, email settings and more, for each department.
Operator settings
Chat rating, view IPs, traffic monitor settings and more, for each operator.
Hidden departments
Tiered support with hidden departments. To learn more, view the documentation.
Assign an operator to multiple departments
One operator can manage and support multiple departments.
External URLs
Access an external URL within the operator chat console window. To learn more, view the documentation.
Automatic department offline
Automatically set a department to go offline at a specific time.
Shared canned responses
Create canned responses that can be shared by all the operators assigned to the department.
Sound alerts
New chat requests and new chat response sound alerts.
Desktop notification
Receive a helpful popup notification box for new chat requests and new chat responses.
Operator console window blink
Enable operator console window to blink for new chat requests and new chat responses.
Mobile SMS alert
Operators can receive mobile SMS alerts for new chat requests.
Reports & Stats
Chat session rating
Rate the level of chat assistance at the end of every chat session.
Chat accepted/declined stats
View reports showing performance trends and daily chat activities.
Hourly view of chat requests
View hourly total of the number of chat requests received.
Operator duration online
Tally the total duration the operator has been online with built-in automated online/offline status report.
Footprint and refer URL
View the visitor page footprints and their refer URL.
Save offline "Leave a message" messages
Offline messages (leave a message) are sent to the department email address and are also saved to the system.
Average time to accept a chat
View average time to accept a chat for each department and each operator.
Average chat session duration
View average chat session duration for each department and each operator.
Campaign Click Tracking
Track your marketing campaign click-through rates. Create tracking URL and view the click-through reports.
ProAction invite
ProAction Invite can be a custom message to convey call to action to chat, display promotional sale item or direct visitors to a specific URL.
Display an opt-in feature on the chat request window before starting a chat session.
  • Customize the message text and values.
  • Display an opt-in option.
  • Set the response to be required or optional.
  • Store the response data.
  • View, download or export the data.
APIs and Integrations
Online/Offline status API
Obtain the online/offline status via an API URL. To learn more, view the documentation.
GeoIP information API
Obtain the GeoIP information of an IP address via an API URL. To learn more, view the documentation.
Custom variable integration
Integrate custom variables to be displayed on the operator console. To learn more, view the documentation.
Chat Icon JavaScript callbacks
When the chat icon loads, embed chat window opens and other actions, invoke a JavaScript callback function. To learn more, view the documentation.
Please contact us if you do not see a feature you are looking for. Additional features can always be included if there is interest. Also, Custom Work is always available for those requiring specific company related live chat features.
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