ProAction Invite can automatically display custom messages.

ProAction Invite is an automated call to action to chat, display an image, redirect a visitor to a URL or announce a custom message.
ProAction Invites are automated.
ProAction Invites can contain HTML code (link an image, embed a video or display a formatted message).
ProAction Invites are displayed when you are online or offline, or for both situations.
ProAction Invites trigger based on page views and page view duration.
Automated Call to Action
ProAction Invite to Chat
Similar to the Automatic Chat Invite feature, ProAction Invites are automated. However, the Automatic Chat Invite feature only displays an image while the ProAction Invites can be HTML formatted message.
ProAction Invite a Product
Display products, announce sales or redirect the visitor to a specific URL when the ProAction Invite is clicked.
Total displayed, total clicks and total declined stats can be viewed for each ProAction Invite.
ProAction Invite actions:
Open the chat window.
  • example usage:
    Reach out to the visitor to provide assistance.
Redirect the visitor to a URL.
  • example usage:
    Display a special product and redirect the visitor to the product page.
Do nothing, no action.
  • example usage:
    Display an announcement, news or other important information.

Create a ProAction Invite today!

ProAction Invite can be created at the PHP Live! Setup Admin area.
Setup Admin > Live Chat HTML Code > ProAction Invite