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Self-hosted live chat, PHP and MySQL powered
Own the software, life time of use
Install on multiple domains you own
Data stored on your server
Unlimited operators
Unlimited departments
Unlimited chat sessions
All the features are enabled
Tech support included
HTML Code Mapper Addon
Map a URL pattern to a department, overriding the existing chat icon HTML Code on the webpage. For example, map a URL that contains "/members/" to a Members Customer Support department, without having to copy/paste a new HTML Code.
Email Marketing Addon
Display an opt-in feature on the chat request window to gather email address of visitors that has opt-in for your campaign. The campaign text can be customized and the opt-in information can be exported.
Export Transcripts Addon
Export your chat transcripts to a downloadable text file. A search can also be done to export the output result.
"Powered By" Removal
Remove the "powered by PHP Live!" link back from the visitor chat window and the operator area.
Software upgrades Includes 1 year of upgrades.
additional year of
upgrades is $95/yr
Life time of upgrades.
  Starter Enterprise
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the software expire?
No. The software does not expire. There is no locking mechanism or other types of automatic deactivation of features or locking to a domain. The same downloaded software copy can be installed on a test server, production server or other server environments.
Q: Does PHP Live! rely on a PHP framework?
No. PHP Live! does not use or rely on a PHP framework.
Q: Does the software run 100% on my server without external communication?
Yes. PHP Live! is a complete standalone software that functions 100% on your server, your network. All data are stored on your server, all communication from your domain.
Q: How many new versions are released in a year?
There has been sometimes over 10 new versions in a year. But typically 3-6 new versions are released each year.
Q: Is tech support included?
Yes, general tech support will always be available. PHP Live! is designed to install on all server environments that already has PHP (PHP >= 5.4 or PHP7+) and MySQL (MySQL >= 4.1 or MariaDB) fully functional. No extra configuration needed. However, some incidents that require extensive troubleshooting will require a purchase of Escalated Tech Support Service. Escalated Tech Support are situations of possible server configuration and other issues that could not be fixed with common solutions. Escalated Tech Support Service is $150 (up to 3 hours) for most situations, per incident. Before any type of troubleshooting begins, your PHP Live! system must be the latest version. Upgrading your PHP Live! system is the first step in the troubleshooting process. Please reference the Knowledge Base for most common solutions.
Q: Is there a trial version I can install on my server before purchasing?
Yes, the Free Version Download is available.
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