Custom Work

If you need specific features developed, it can be developed for you. Custom Work will be developed with a forward looking approach for streamlined PHP Live! software upgrades. Custom Work starts at $ USD and the exact price is based on the project scope. Custom Work provides options, something to consider if a feature is crucial to a business. All Custom Work is developed in-house, never outsourced.
  • Custom Features
  • New features can be custom developed, specific to your company needs based on your specifications and requirements. You will be able to also upgrade your PHP Live! system and retain your custom feature functions.
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom integrations can be developed to connect with your existing ticketing system, CRM or other software that you use.
  • Expedite a Feature
  • Sometimes a new feature of PHP Live! is not known or the ETA may be longer than expected. However, with Custom Work option, you can request a feature to be developed ASAP and be available to your account sooner then later. Expedited features are typically included in the software for all clients. The reason for the fee is because other features are put on hold, other tasks put on hold and all resources are placed to get the expedited feature ready ASAP. Expediting a feature is an option available for those that absolutely require a feature delivery with definitive timeline of very soon.
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