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Custom Work
  • Custom Features
  • New features or updated methods can be custom developed, specific to your company needs based on your specifications.
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom integrations to connect with your existing ticketing system, CRM or other software that you use can also be developed. Custom integrations will be developed with a forward looking approach for streamlined PHP Live! software upgrades.
  • Expedite a Feature
  • There are new features and updates that are planned continuously. Sometimes a feature introduction is not known or the ETA may be longer then expected. Request a feature to be developed ASAP and be available to your account sooner then later. Expedited features are typically included in the software for all clients at a later date. But it will be available ASAP to clients requesting a feature to be expedited.
    Custom features, custom integrations or expedited feature request starts at $750 and the pricing scales depending on the project scope. Live chat or call +1 (720) 336-8323 for more information or to discuss your project ideas.