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Chat Icon Tips
Deploying a live chat solution is the easiest part. Website owners often expect immediate chat results after deploying the solution. There are many simple elements to help maximize the live chat response. It starts with the live chat icon placement and the live chat icon image.
As a general good practice, the live chat icon should be noticeable within seconds after loading the website. Statistics have shown that having live chat capability can increase your website sales. Thus, immediate visibility of the live chat icon is crucial in building consumer confidence.
Chat Icon Tips
  • Place the chat icon in a consistent location. Visitors can refer to a recognized area if they are in need of live chat assistance.
  • Design integration is great, but blending the chat icon too well with the website design may produce live chat “camouflage affect”. The chat icon may be overlooked as a design element.
  • There is a fine line between attention grabbing and busy distraction. Visitors are on the website for a purpose, not just to request live support chat. Having a live chat icon that is too distracting or chat icons that hover all over the screen may not be the best idea.
  • A settle animation may go a long way. It may take an extra effort to create an animated GIF for the chat icon, but the continuous positive results will surpass the initial time invested.
  • Place the chat icon throughout all of your web pages. Visitors will navigate from page to page and may forget where they saw the live chat icon. Placing the live chat icon on all of your pages will produce great results and your website visitors will always know where to reach you, instantly.
  • Chat icons should not interfere with browsing behavior. Website visitors should not have to alter their natural browsing habits to adjust for an improper chat icon placement. (example: chat icons hovering next to the scrollbar that slides or moves when moused over is not recommended. static chat icon is suggested if placing next to the scrollbar.)
Various testing of chat icon position and chat icon design may be needed to achieve the “sweet spot”. A live chat is another method of communication for website visitors. Have it be noticeable in a familiar area throughout the site and allow the visitor to naturally consume content. If they require instant communication, they’ll know where to look.