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Originally founded in New York City, the office is now headquartered in the rocky mountain state of Colorado, home to familiar tech companies such as IBM, Seagate and Wix. The vision is providing a live chat solution that is easy to setup, simple to use and includes lots of helpful live chat features. PHP Live! is utilized by hundreds of businesses around the globe, from a one person operation to companies housing hundreds of employees. "I feel like PHP Live! is just getting started 🙂" says Nate, inventor of PHP Live! software. "It's an exciting industry and there are always new ideas being developed here at the PHP Live! headquarters. Technology is always evolving and the live chat industry must evolve with it. PHP Live! is very active in the live chat industry, continually updating, improving and releasing new software versions to meet the current trends and the needs of businesses around the globe. Thanks for visiting and happy chatting!"
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