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About Us
PHP Live LLC, developer of PHP and MySQL powered live chat software, is a U.S. based software company. Originally founded in New York City in early 2000s, we have participated in the early growth of the live chat industry with ongoing presence in the market.
Building a simple and easy to use live chat solution is our mission. We deliver on the objective by continuously releasing new software versions with improvements and updates.
Our customers are saying:
"That's all for today, except to say that we LOVE your program. We use it every workday, and our students think it's great."
"Nice chatting with you, keep up the good work."
"Great chat app!"
"Nate was incredibly intelligent about the software, and helped walk me through the issue I was having with ease. Highly recommend!"
"You guys are awesome and product kicks butt!!"
"Good job! many thanks."