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PHP Live! is a PHP and MySQL powered live chat software for websites. Chat with your website visitors and exchange information in real-time via live chat.
Self-Hosted or On Demand
We offer two types of live chat solutions: Self-Hosted and On Demand. The Self-Hosted solution installs on your server and domain. With the On Demand solution, simply signup, setup and go ONLINE!
Live Chat for
Studies show that visitors who request website live chat assistance are three times more likely to make a purchase and have an average order value that is much higher.
  • Chatting with a customer is a valuable method to cross-sell and upsell complementary products and services.
  • Provide live chat assistance for your website visitors when their interest levels are the highest.
  • Switching customer service to a live chat platform can reduce operational costs. International visitors will also benefit with saving costs by requesting live chat instead of placing an international phone call.
Live Chat for
Hybrid learning, which utilizes face-to-face teaching techniques with online aspects, including website live chat, is a rapidly growing sector in education.
  • Live chat can be an added convenience for students and their parents to acquire more information instantly.
  • To faculty members, multi-tasking with live chat is a breeze. Filing papers, accessing student information and making phone calls can be done simultaneously with live chat.
  • Live chat (texting) is a communication medium that is familiar to all generations.
Live Chat for
For public entities such as non-profit organizations, government agencies, clubs and groups, website live chat encourages communication and public feedback.
  • Various avenues of contact is essential for a public organization. Live chat provides a method for visitors to interact, gather information and provide feedback in real-time.
  • Every live chat interaction is logged and archived for future reference, reporting or training purposes.
  • Live chat is a neutral environment to exchange and gather information and can also be a great medium for introduction.

Full Featured Live Chat Software

  • Assign Operator to Multiple Departments
  • Automatic Offline Hours
  • Transfer Chat
  • Group Chat for Operators
  • Operator Message Board
  • Voice Chat
  • ... and much more!
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Real-time chat, Real-Time results
  • “Easy to Use, Good Support, Good Price”
    They really listen to feature requests and will talk through ideas with you, not just reply with a stuffy automated response. They're also very quick/frequent with their software updates.
    - Megan R.
  • “Glad I made this choice”
    The functionality is a plus, the ease of use definitely a triple plus. The support is great always responsive and personable. Been with the company for years and never regretted it.
    - Darryl R.
  • “Awesome Chat Solution”
    Super easy to use, setup and integrate with our website. No bloat! The folks at phplive are always working to improve their product. Their customer service is the best.
    - James M.
"Awesome chat solution"
James M. (CIO) Non-Profit Organization Management
Which live chat solution is best for you?
Live Chat Self-Hosted

Install PHP Live! on your PHP and MySQL enabled web server, accessed from your domain. All the data is stored privately and securely in your MySQL database. One time purchase, life time of software use.

starts at one time
Live Chat On Demand

No installation required. Hassle free live chat with 99.9% up-time. Simply signup, setup and be online in just few minutes! Your live chat is hosted on our servers and we'll handle all the technical details.

starts at $9/mo
Popular Features
Display Automated Call To Action With ProAction Invite
Automatically display a custom call to action to chat message, load a URL or even play a YouTube video.
Add Custom Fields On The Chat Request Form
Gather additional information to streamline customer service.
Custom variables can also be sent to the chat request window using JavaScript. JavaScript custom variables will not be visible to the visitor but will be visible to the chat operator as extra custom field values. Learn more.
Request A Voice Chat With The Visitor During a Chat Session
During a chat session, send a voice chat request to the visitor.
Group Chats For Operators
An operator can create a group chat with up to 5 additional operators in one chat session.
Over A Dozen Chat Window Theme Choices
Over a dozen themes are available for both the visitor chat window and the operator chat console.
Create custom themes to match your website layout. Editing a CSS file and updating images are all that is required. Click here for more information.
Simple And Intuitive Live Chat Software
Pizza Hut, Golf Prince Edward Island and University of Richmond are few companies and organizations whom have successfully deployed PHP Live! as their live chat solution. Whether you are a small-mid size business or you work for a corporation with hundreds of employees, PHP Live! can help your business streamline customer service via live chat. Few or hundreds of chats per day, PHP Live! will deliver results.
Your Chats, Your Data, Your Privacy
The download option ensures you have full control of your chat data with complete control of data access privileges. All your data is stored on your server and accessed from your domain. Own the data by installing PHP Live! on your server. If you have a PHP and MySQL enabled server, you are all set! Installation takes just few minutes.
Because the download option is 100% standalone live chat system that can be installed on your server and network, it is perfect for intranet instant messaging. PHP Live! software functions inside your network without external communication. Create operator accounts for each of your team members and they can request chat sessions with each other. Files (images, zip, tar, PDF documents) can also be exchanged through chat. Click here for more information.
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