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PHP Live! v.
PHP and MySQL powered live chat software
PHP Live! is a PHP and MySQL powered live chat software for your website. A live chat option on your website can increase the opportunity of converting casual website visitors into informed customers. Live chat on your website can boost consumer confidence and improve your customer relations. Migrating customer service from telephone to live chat can reduce operational costs significantly. Your website visitors will also benefit with saving costs by requesting live chat assistance instead of placing an international phone call. Various avenues of contact is essential. Live chat provides a method for your website visitors to interact, gather information and provide feedback in real-time.
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Assist your website visitors in many ways, online or offline, with ProAction Invite.
ProAction Invite feature can be configured to automatically display a custom message to convey call to action to chat, dsiplay promotional information or load a webpage URL when the ProAction Invite is clicked. ProAction Invites can be configured to display when chat is online or offline or both situations.
Provide your website visitors an option to opt-in to your email marketing campaign.
Display an opt-in feature on the chat request window before starting a chat session.
  • Display an opt-in option on the chat request window.
  • Set the response to be required or optional.
  • Store the response data.
  • View, download or export the data.
Works on all web browsers.
Chrome Firefox Safari Edge IE 7/8/9/10/11 Opera Mobile
Chrome Chrome Firefox Firefox Safari Safari Edge Edge IE 7/8/9/10/11 IE 7/8/9/10/11 Opera Opera Mobile Mobile
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Install PHP Live! on your server and domain. The complete download includes unlimited chat operators, unlimited chat sessions and all the data is stored in your MySQL database. 100% PHP source code, full featured live chat software deployed on your PHP and MySQL ready web server, accessed from your domain.
On Demand
Simplest and the fastest way to deploy live chat on your website. Signup, setup, copy/paste HTML Code onto your webpages and begin provide real-time live chat customer service directly from your website. On Demand accounts include unlimited chat sessions, HTTPS (SSL) secure chats with all the features enabled.
Cristofaro from CONTUR says:
"We are satisfied users of PHP Live since the 1st release. The improvements are regular and smart, the assistance is very good. Thanks, guys!"
Chase from ERM says:
"PHP Live is dedicated to making the most feature-complete and lightweight chat solution possible. We've tried other chat solutions, but none have even come close to the sheer amount of features offered by PHP Live. I would definitely recommend PHP Live to anyone looking to do Live Chat for their website for any reason."
Shoon from SKATEZ says:
"The feature list is amazing. My co-partner, my wife, likes the looks of it the themes and the workings of the features. It's a great piece of software. Thanks and keep it up!"
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