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PHP Live! is a PHP and MySQL powered live chat solution for websites. Live chat on your website provides a method for your website visitors to contact you in real-time and ask questions about your products/services or gather information.
Self-Hosted or On Demand
We offer two types of live chat solutions: Self-Hosted and On Demand. Self-Hosted live chat is a 100% standalone live chat solution that can be deployed on your PHP and MySQL enabled web server, accessed from your domain. With the On Demand live chat, simply signup, setup and be ONLINE!
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"Super easy to use, setup and integrate with our website."
- James M.
Non-Profit Organization Management
Live Chat Solution
Chat with your website visitors
Operator chat whisper
Operator to operator chats
Group chat for your chat operators
Internal real-time message board
Powered by PHP and MySQL
Works on all web browsers!
Chrome Firefox Safari Edge
Chrome Firefox Safari Edge
Simple And Intuitive Live Chat
Whether you are a small/mid size company or you work for a corporation with hundreds of employees, PHP Live! can help your business streamline customer service via live chat. Few or hundreds of chats per day, PHP Live! will deliver results.
Your Chats, Your Data, Your Privacy
The Self-Hosted option ensures you have full control of your chat data with complete control of data access privileges because the live chat is deployed on your server with all chat data stored in your database.
Simple and Intuitive
Intuitive chat interface and easy to use live chat features will help you and your team members quickly get started with live chat deployment.
Low learning curve for your chat operators.
Simple chat interface.
Easy to setup and configure.
— Few of our clients —
"we would recommend PHP Live to anyone that is looking for the best live chat solution"
Sergio Aicardi
Mobility Scooters Direct
— Popular Features —
ProAction Invite
Display an automated call to action to chat, announce a promotional message or redirect the visitor to a URL.
ProAction Invites can be displayed to your website visitors when chat is online or offline, or both. Serve up text, link an image, embed a YouTube video or create your own content inside an iframe and embed the iframe inside the ProAction Invite. Fully automated with unlimited possibilities.
Custom Fields
Include additional fields on the chat request window to gather more information.
Include up to 3 additional custom fields and 1 drop down selection menu to the chat request window. The custom values will be visible to the chat operators and are saved with the chat transcripts.
Custom variables can also be sent to the chat request window using JavaScript. JavaScript custom variables will not be visible to the visitor but will be visible to the chat operator. Learn more.
Multiple Department Assignment
Create unlimited chat departments and assign an operator to multiple departments.
Each department can have their own chat icons, logo, text, theme and various other department options. Place a sales department chat icon on the sales page, place the billing chat icon on the billing page or place the chat icon that will display all the departments and allow the visitor to select the department.
Transfer Chat
Transfer the chat session to another department or to another operator.
An operator will be able to see all the operators that are currently online and be able to transfer the chat to a specific operator. There is also an option to transfer the chat to a department and let the system automatically route the chat to the operators that are assigned to the department.
Waiting Queue
Enable the department waiting queue to help balance operator chat load.
When the waiting queue is enabled, the system will automatically place new chat requests in the queue when the operator is chatting at their max chat limit. Each operator can have a different max chat limit and the system will check the max limit of every operator before placing the chat request in the queue.
Operator Group Chat
An operator can create a group chat with up to 5 additional operators in one chat session.
The ability to create a group chat can be enabled for each operator. If enabled, the operator can create an operator group chat with up to 5 additional operators in one chat session. Offline operators can also be included in the group chat for situations they may be joining a bit late.
Chat Whispers
A supervisor (another operator) can join a chat session and send whispers to the operator.
The ability for an operator to join an active session can be switched on or off for each operator. If enabled, the operator can view active chats and join the chat session to send whispers or can directly participate in the chat. Whispers can only be seen by the operators. Direct participation will send the message to both the visitor and the operator. Multiple operators can join a chat session.
Chat Themes
There are over a dozen chat window theme choices for the visitor chat and the operator chat console.
Select from over a dozen themes for each of your chat departments. Chat operators can also select a theme for their operator chat console. Chose a theme that best fits your website layout and design.
Create custom themes to match your website layout. Editing a CSS file and updating images are all that is required. Click here for more information.
Internal Message Board
A central message board is available to all operators to exchange ideas, chit-chat or ask for information.
"Awesome chat solution"
James M. (CIO) Non-Profit Organization Management
  • "Easy to Use"
    They really listen to feature requests and will talk through ideas with you, not just reply with a stuffy automated response. They're also very quick/frequent with their updates.
    - Megan R.
  • "Glad I made this choice"
    The functionality is a plus, the ease of use definitely a triple plus. The support is great always responsive and personable. Been with the company for years and never regretted it.
    - Darryl R.
  • "Awesome Chat Solution"
    Super easy to use, setup and integrate with our website. No bloat! The folks at phplive are always working to improve their product. Their customer service is the best.
    - James M.
Which live chat solution is best for you?
Self-Hosted Live Chat

Enjoy the benefits of installing live chat on your server, accessed from your domain and data stored securely and privately in your database. Conform to your data regulations and data privacy policies with complete data access privileges.

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On Demand Live Chat

A server is not required. Simply signup, setup and be online! Your system is upgraded automatically.. We'll handle all the technial issues and system maintenance. Hassle free live chat solution with all the features and addons enabled.

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$9 /month
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Most website visitors prefer live chat over phone or email.