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We offer two types of live chat solutions: Self-Hosted live chat and On Demand live chat. Self-Hosted live chat is a PHP and MySQL powered live chat solution that can be installed on your server, accessed from your domain. With the On Demand live chat, simply signup, setup and go online!
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Studies show that visitors who request website live chat assistance are three times more likely to make a purchase and have an average order value that is much higher.
  • Chatting with a customer is a valuable method to cross-sell and upsell complementary products and services.
  • Provide live chat assistance for your website visitors when their interest levels are the highest.
  • Switching customer service to a live chat platform can reduce operational costs. International visitors will also benefit with saving costs by requesting live chat instead of placing an international phone call.
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Hybrid learning, which utilizes face-to-face teaching techniques with online aspects, including website live chat, is a rapidly growing sector in education.
  • Live chat can be an added convenience for students and their parents to acquire more information instantly.
  • To faculty members, multi-tasking with live chat is a breeze. Filing papers, accessing student information and making phone calls can be done simultaneously with live chat.
  • Live chat (texting) is a communication medium that is familiar to all generations.
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For public entities such as non-profit organizations, government agencies, clubs and groups, website live chat encourages communication and public feedback.
  • Various avenues of contact is essential for a public organization. Live chat provides a method for visitors to interact, gather information and provide feedback in real-time.
  • Every live chat interaction is logged and archived for future reference, reporting or training purposes.
  • Live chat is a neutral environment to exchange and gather information and can also be a great medium for introduction.
  • "Easy to Use"
    They really listen to feature requests and will talk through ideas with you, not just reply with a stuffy automated response. They're also very quick/frequent with their updates.
    - Megan R.
  • "Glad I made this choice"
    The functionality is a plus, the ease of use definitely a triple plus. The support is great always responsive and personable. Been with the company for years and never regretted it.
    - Darryl R.
  • "Awesome Chat Solution"
    Super easy to use, setup and integrate with our website. No bloat! The folks at phplive are always working to improve their product. Their customer service is the best.
    - James M.
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Simple And Intuitive
Live Chat Solution
Quickly get started with live chat.
"It's so simple" and "Our team got started right away" are common feedback from our clients. It takes just few minutes for the chat operators to get familiar with the chat console and begin accepting visitor chat requests.
When you just need a great live chat solution.
If your company is just looking for a lightweight and simple live chat solution, PHP Live! is the live chat software for you! Our client James says "Super easy to use, setup and integrate with our website. No bloat!". See if PHP Live! is right for you and create a free trial today!
Live chat solution that keeps it simple.
PHP Live! is a full featured live chat software without the bulk. If you just need a simple, scalable, feature rich live chat software, PHP Live! will deliver results! The simple and intuitive interface will help your chat operators get started with live chat in just few minutes. See if PHP Live! is right for you, create a free trial today!
Why choose PHP Live!?
  • Extreme Customization
    There are dozens and dozens of live chat features and tools that can be customized, configured and updated. PHP Live! is one of the most feature rich live chat solutions available!
  • Mega Simplicity
    The simple interface makes things move a lot smoother when training chat operators or configuring the live chat system. Most businesses get started with PHP Live! in just a few minutes!
  • Option To Own (No Monthly Fees)
    Have a PHP and MySQL enabled web server? Purchase the PHP Live! Self-Hosted and install the entire live chat system on your server, accessed from your domain.
Our clients are saying:
"That's all for today, except to say that we LOVE your program. We use it every workday, and our students think it's great."
"Nice chatting with you, keep up the good work."
"Support was incredibly intelligent about the software. Highly recommend!"
"You guys are awesome and product kicks butt!!"
"Good job! many thanks."
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