WHMCS Integration
Integrating PHP Live! with WHMCS is a simple process of pasting the HTML Code into a template (.tpl) file.
  1. Open an FTP connect to your web server.
  2. Locate the directory where you installed WHMCS.
  3. Within the WHMCS directory, access the templates/portal/ directory.
  4. Inside the templates/portal/ directory, there will be numbers of template (.tpl) files. The two primary templates of interests are the "header.tpl" and the "footer.tpl". Both the "header.tpl" and the "footer.tpl" files are typically included on every page, thus, it is recommended to place the PHP Live! HTML Code in either of these files. However, you can place the HTML Code in any of the template files.
    For "header.tpl" file, be sure to paste the HTML Code anywhere AFTER the <body> tag. If placing the code in the "footer.tpl" file, be sure to paste the HTML Code anywhere BEFORE the </body> tag.
    When pasting the HTML Code, be sure to use the {literal} tag to prevent the javascript code from being automacially removed by the template system. For example:
    <!-- PHP Live! HTML Code -->
  5. Save the file and done!
* please email tech@osicodesinc.com for integration inquiries
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