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Increase the window size of the visitor chat window

* Documentations are written assuming that your PHP Live! is always the latest version.  If you do not see the menu options or the feature, you may want to upgrade your system to the latest version.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


For Download Clients, there are few variables that sets the embed chat window width and height and also the popup chat window width and height.  The variables are located at phplive/API/Util_Vars.php file.  The following are the default window size values:




The $VARS_CHAT_WIDTH and $VARS_CHAT_HEIGHT sets the popup chat widow dimensions.


The $VARS_CHAT_WIDTH_WIDGET and $VARS_CHAT_HEIGHT_WIDGET sets the embed chat window dimensions.


NOTE: Do not modify any of the variables located at phplive/API/Util_Vars.php file because that file will get replaced with each upgrade (we may introduce new variables).  For procedures to update the default values, please refer to the Improve server performance by adjusting some PHP Live! variables documentation.


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