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Creating custom themes

Creation of custom themes is possible with the Download solution since all the files are downloaded and can be modified.  For On Demand clients, please email for custom theme creation price quote.


To create custom themes, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Access your phplive/ directory via FTP or SSH.
  2. Within the phplive/ directory, there is a themes/ directory that contains the bundled themes that are included with the software.
  3. Look inside the phplive/themes/ directory and locate the default/ theme.
  4. Make a copy of the entire default/ themes directory and rename it to a name of your choice.  If you like the look of other themes and would like to create similar theme, simply copy that directory instead of the default/ theme directory.
  5. Within the newly copied theme directory, there are various images and the style.css file.
  6. Edit the style.css file to alter the theme to your needs.  You'll want to contact your developer who is familiar with CSS style sheets.
  7. After updating the new theme images and CSS file, login to the PHP Live! setup area and click the top menu "Settings".
  8. From the "Settings" areas, click the "Themes" sub menu to view your new theme and to select the theme for use.
  9. Done!
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