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PHP Live! 4.x Upgrade

Important Notes about bulk FTP upload

Some FTP programs may skip or partially FTP some files during bulk FTP.  Though it is rare, if you receive errors on your PHP Live! system after upgrading or if pages seem to not load entirely, you may want to upload the files again.  To ensure there is not a redundant FTP process, we recommend using FileZilla FTP Program as we use this program and it has been always reliable.




Upgrade Procedures

 It is suggested to upgrade the system after business hours when website activity is minimal.   All operators should log out of the operator console. 


  1. Access the OSI Codes Inc. client area and click the top menu "Downloads" to download the latest PHP Live! package to your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the entire phplive/ folder to your computer.
  3. Locate the extracted phplive/ folder on your computer and double click the folder to view the contents.  You should see an API/ajax/web/pics/ and other various folders and files.
  4. Launch an FTP program and open an FTP connection to your web server.
  5. On your web server, change directory to where your PHP Live! system is located.  There should also be an API/, ajax/, web/, pics/ and other various folders and files on your server.
  6. From the computer copy of the phplive/ folder, SELECT EVERYTHING (the API/ajax/web/, pics/ and all other folders and files, EVERYTHING) and FTP the folders and files to your server.  Essentially, you will be replacing the existing files on the server to the latest files.
  7. If asked to "override" or "replace", choose "yes" to override ALL previous files on the server.
  8. After the FTP process has been completed, launch a web browser and access your PHP Live! URL to begin the patch process.  (example:
  9. Done!


NOTE: After an upgrade, it is recommended that all operators do the following:


  1. Login to the operator area and launch the operator console.
  2. While holding down the SHIFT key, reload the operator console window.  The shift reload will update the browser cache to the latest updated files.  This will avoid possible errors and issues due to outdated cache files.
  3. Done!
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