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PHP Live! 4.x Installation

Server Requirements

  • Any server OS (Mac, Windows, UNIX)
  • Any web server (apache, IIS, etc)
  • Must already be running PHP >= 4.3+
  • Must already be running MySQL >= 4.1+


Things to note before beginning:


Some FTP programs tend to skip or partial FTP of files during bulk FTP.  If you receive errors on your PHP Live! system after installation, you may want to upload the files again.  To ensure there is not a redundant FTP process, we recommend using FileZilla FTP Program because it seems to work without any errors.





1. Contact your website admin to create a new database for your PHP Live! system.  Request the following information:

  • Be sure the MySQL user (MySQL Login) should have the following privileges granted: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER


  • MySQL Host
  • MySQL Login
  • MySQL Password
  • MySQL Database Name (new database created for the PHP Live! system)


2. Transfer the PHP Live! files to your web server:

  1. Login to the client area->Downloads and download the PHP Live! package to your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the entire phplive/ folder to your computer.
  3. Open an FTP connection to your web server.
  4. Change directory to where you would like the PHP Live! system to be located.  This directory should be accessible from a web URL.
  5. FTP the entire phplive/ folder located on your computer to the above directory.


3. Set the web/ directory permissions:

Web servers typically have the server process run as "apache", "web", "http" or other user.  The permission steps detailed accounts for the common scenario by allowing the web process to write to the web/ folder.

  1. After the entire phplive/ directory has been uploaded to your web server, from the FTP program, double click the phplive/ folder to view the contents.
  2. Locate the web/ folder and right click the folder name to display the directory options and select "File permissions" or "Permissions".
  3. Check ALL the boxes, including "recurse into subdirectories" and submit.


4. Final Step: Access the web based installation:

  1. Launch a web browser and access the phplive/ directory.  (example: )
  2. Proceed with the web based installation steps with the above MySQL information ready.
  3. Done!


Errors to note:

500 internal server error - If you receive this error when accessing the phplive/ directory via the URL, try setting the web/ folder permission to 0755

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